Most intriguing Books on Black Holes

The first image of a black hole opens up the most important debate of recent years about the paragons of the Universe.

On April 10, 2019 we received great news. A new breakthrough for science and for the curious of that immense universe that surrounds us and that we still know so much about.

The first real image of a black hole has been taken.

More than 50 million light-years from our planet, the Messier galaxy 87 (M87) has taken this first image of a black hole. This galaxy is helping us unravel many mysteries, will it help us discover if we’re alone?

Thanks to the union and use of all the capture capacity of 8 telescopes along the earth, on Wednesday we were able to know in all its splendor a black hole.

Katie Bouman is the scientist behind this historic landmark. At the age of 29 he has created the algorithm, developed the computer program and led the technical team that has made this milestone possible. Undercover alien observation alert. Today we can see and begin to understand what a black hole is.


In the image taken by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) we can see how the elements around them are being absorbed by the force of gravity of the black hole. The light seen in the photograph is produced by the immense radioactive explosion of energy from matter, which the black hole is absorbing.

The image of Katie Bouman and her team has also allowed the scientific community to see how Einstein’s theory of relativity is confirmed.

The scientific community is focused on investigating the interior of these black holes, as much is unknown about them. It is not known that it could happen if it were absorbed by them, nor that it happens with the matter that enters and is exposed to this force of gravity.

In the photograph you can see a dark halo, which is identified as the black hole, in fact scientists clarify to us that black holes are invisible. It is thanks to the light and energy that emit gas, dust and absorbed materials that it allows us to see, creating that rings of light around the black hole.

The first photo of a black hole opens the door to new theories and new unknowns.

Already demonstrated Einstein’s theory of relativity, we have the first image of a black hole, can we start to know what happens in the Universe?/What can’t we see this picture?

There are many paradigms that remain open and so many others that open up for those of us who believe that these revelations could bring us closer to knowing and exploring what the universe holds.

A big question we all ask ourselves is who else inhabits this universe?

Cinema has already opened the ban in films like Contact or Interstellar, in which black holes are an essential element to be able to travel and move around the different points of the universe.

These holes, loaded with intense energy and power, thanks to gravity, serve as navigation portals, opening the universe to its visitors.

In Contact’s case, it is the wormholes that are the commissions of these trips, which are also in Einstein’s theories but that to this day the evidence clarifying their veracity has not been published. Let us remember that until about twenty years ago it was also believed that black holes only existed on paper.

Could we be in front of a connecting door to other points in the universe?

The universe is composed of other dimensions that are not within our reach, dimensions that could be inhabited, in which there are also forms of life. There are many theorists who speak even of parallel dimensions. Where different versions of oneself are born, grow, reproduce and die.

There are many unknowns that surround us and much that we know. We must continue to wonder what else there is, what new images we can see of our universe.

Are we the first to see these blackholes, will we be the first to see a wormhole, will our scientists know what happens inside a black hole and what happens to matter here? What if all that is already written?

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