The 35 Cups of Aliens, Aliens and UFOs plus Galactics 🌌

Now your favorite drinks will be more interesting and close to the alien world, using extraterrestrial cups and vessels.

When it’s time to share with friends, it’s nice to make the moment more fun, with details of our favorite alien characters. Whether it’s tea cups or glasses of wine, a UFO drawing never hurts to remember that we’re not alone.

Children’s parties are always made of some reason that the party is pleased. In this sense the breaks for a good caffé or a cup of tea should not pass without boasting our favorite alien. This time it’s up to the alien glasses and cups to be the protagonist of the occasion. On another occasion, with our couple scouting the depths of space, we will toast with glasses of wine. Chin-chin, let’s get absorbed together.

When it comes to toasting, tea or coffee, alien cups or glasses are a good choice to make this moment more enjoyable and more fun.

Small, large, medium, round or flat, these cups and glasses will give a different touch to those moments, which leave good traces in your memory and heart. Use the cups or glasses of aliens at your meetings or festivities and be the center of attention.

For a long time, when you talk about aliens, UFOs and aliens. It is inevitable to activate our imagination and think of green, small beings, flying saucers or alien spaceships. It is a topic that catches the attention of people, and that is usually the topic of conversation in meetings or festivities.

There are various theories, about extraterrestrial life, in beings from other worlds or as they are called “aliens”. But the imagination of the human being has taken this theory to another level. From films, documentaries, children’s stories and even written stories have been developed on the subject of alienand alien, and more and more followers of this phenomenon.

That’s why many people have become real fans and experts on the subject. The ones that lead them to acquire allegorical items to the subject such as vessels and cups of aliens. The designs of the vessels or cups of aliens are diverse, you can find cups with figures of UFOs, famous aliens of both children’s films and large film films.

Enjoying a good tea in an extraterrestrial vassis is a real pleasure and the best cups in all figures and shapes you find them in

Alien cups and cups have also become collectibles. For collectors these items are essential within their collection and do not miss the opportunity to purchase them.

Many children’s parties are set in UFO figures, famous aliens or alien movies and alien vessels and cups are always present and serve in some way as memories of the occasion.

Cinemas also have promotions that offer glasses of aliens as a souvenir of the occasion. If you’re a fan of this issue and you don’t want to be left behind on the UFO and alien wave. You can’t miss the chance to acquire a glass or cup of aliens. You will make tea time, coffee time, party of your children or friends more fun.

In your meetings you will have the opportunity to have a diversity of themes, in your glasses and cups and the time of tea or coffee will be more interesting with an alien cup in the background.

Dare to give a different touch to those little moments, when you want to pamper yourself and drink that coffee or tea, or that drink you like so much with a touch from another world.


Alien Cups are perfect for disrouting your favorite tea or an aperreadable caffé during the early hours of the morning. Alien cups can also be a great gift item. If you have a friend who explores the sky in search of infinity or has had a sighting, a cup of alien would be the optimal gift for you to enjoy your favorite drink in style.

Cup set

If you want to rise like a UFO, take the alien cup set to the next level. Here you have to let all your friends meet at the time of alien tea in alien slingshot. The best selection of cup set with extraterrestrial design.

Wine Glasses

A good wine provides a good way to discuss whether we are alone in the universe or not. It might be better than to do it by looking at a representation of our alien friends in an extraterrestrial wine glass, to live the vinicula experience at the height of infinite space. Toast with these glasses of alien and elevate wine like a ufo or UFo.


These alien beer glasses are perfect to toast with your friend. A cold beer will give you the freshness in the summer hours and the strength to keep looking for contact with our green friends. Toast with your friends and your favorite alien figure in your beer glass.

Shots cups

Taking shots may not be the best idea. But you can create an extraterrestrial atmosphere of horbita with these alien shot glasses. Share with your friends and find out who the last man or woman standing will be. Even the great war has not come, nor the invasion of the UFOs. Let’s take the opportunity to make some curls by taking shots to the health of our alien friends in glasses for alien shots.


They aliens are here. We, some of us know, are everywhere and that’s why it’s good to have a glass of aliens. With this we can enjoy refreshing juices or soft drinks, and without noticing it we remind ourselves that they are already here.

Takeaway cups

Aliens to go! Some prefer to say aliens to go. In the end it’s the same, these utensils serve to keep your drink warm while you’re traveling. You may have planned to go out for a sighting or just want to bring the hot coffee to the office, here you will have the right design and thermos. Get it now, but let it be alien, alien or UFO!


The flasks have been used for centuries to carry the richest drinks of humanity. If aliens would come and taste alcohol, we don’t know if they’d like it or not. What we do know is that this flask with a drawing of alien is cool and cool. If you want a flask that is fashionable, do not hesitate and buy this flask with design of alien, alien and UFO.