Here you are and you’re one of us. You know there’s something else out there and you want to wear it on your shirt with his logo. You want to give your friend that book about ufoology so he can learn from aliens. You want a mask to dress up from our green friends or you want to hang a big poster of some ufo sighting. But you don’t want to be charged 10 times their value just for that.

You are looking for articles with their own personality, impressive and that define you::

dealien, the store for everything related to the Aliens

… or put another way:

dealien, experts on alien and UFO topics

dealien, the shop for people who want to explore the afterlife.

Aliens, aliens and avnis are more than a myth, they are an unconscious reality, a passion for research, something reserved for the few who dare to investigate. Knowing about the men of Mars is more than a statement of idea.

We navigate against the current, we reveal ourselves against the status quo and censorship as in area51.  dealien is so that those that the laws of society do not apply and those of us who love knowledge of the truth about the universe.
Here you will find books, movies, shirts and all the accessories related to the alien and UFO world.

Because aliens are more than aliens and UFOs

Our passion goes much far beyond the store, we are a movement in investigation, establishing contact and defending our extraterrestrial friends. In our blog you will find articles that explore the confines, history and any topics related to the world of aliens, aliens and UFOs. As the exciting world of space exploration, of the music associated with this symbology, of the freedom they represent and of their marks left on the planet.

Welcome to our community, enjoy all the products with aliens, aliens and UFOs that you will find here and complement your life according to you. And of course, do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of information or question you want to ask, we will be happy to answer you.

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